The Bee Good Manifesto

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How I am trying to “Bee Good” and do good.

I think a lot about influence; what it means and the responsibility it comes with particularly when we advertise products etc: to our audience. People know us and trust us and I feel we have an obligation to honour that by been true to ourselves and our values.  We are entering into a contract with our followers, one that, I feel, must be taken seriously.

So to this end, I thoughts I’d make a list of my ‘Bee Good’ promises,a manifesto so to speak, so brands that want to work with me and my followers can see my values up front.  And for me it goes without saying that I will only ever promote products I love, already use, or will now use that the product has been brought to my attention.

Bee Good promises

1.  I will not knowingly ever promote single use plastic items. I’m passionate about the environment and the damage that single use plastic is causing and I will not promote it. Sometimes, without my knowing, items are packaged or arrive in single use plastic, I try my best to avoid this and discourage it.

2. I will never promote something knowingly tested on animals.  This for me is just a given. I always do my research and check on line as much as I can but I’m not perfect and may miss something.

3. I will promote sustainable fashion wherever possible. I am a proud outfit repeater and try my very best to purchase items that come from small ethical retailers.  I do succumb to the occasional fast fashion item, I’m human, but wherever possible I will promote garments that are not designed to be disposable.

4.  I will never promote anything that is designed to play on people’s fears or make them feel bad about themselves, end of.

5.  I will never knowingly work with a company or organisation that is discriminatory in anyway and will always try and work with companies that are as diverse as possible.

6.  When I travel I will always aim to be respectful of where I am, the culture and the environment choosing locations that are not fragile or considered at risk from over tourism.

And of course I will do this by being as kind as I can to myself, others and the environment.

From Bee With Love x