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Bookshop Melbourne

It gives off major classic bookshop vibes and invites me in with its charm

I am bundled up in my coat and scarf, hurrying down the narrow footpath and eager to be out of this miserable weather. I come upon it suddenly and stop. Tucked away down one of Melbourne’s many lane-ways, is Embiggen Books, and it’s a gem well worth searching for.

The friendly ambiance of the store is complete with a coffee cart, which serves dark roast coffee, Venezuelan dark chocolate hot chocolate and a selection of teas. It’s on cold days such as these that I really need it. The air is warm in here too, filled with the rich scent of paper and ink. As I peruse the shelves, I appreciate the little details that make this little store so comforting. The ladders leaning against the bookshelves, for example, which make my literary heart swoon.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves line the walls and tables and glass case displays are filled with even more gorgeous books, making my eyes go wide. Little signs with golden script hang down from the ceiling, guiding me through the various genres. Embiggen Books specialises in philosophy and popular science, but they house several other genres. The rich wooden paneling throughout the shop creates an atmosphere of warmth and the soft lighting encourages me to stay, browse, and forget about the outside world.

I smile. Is this heaven?

This post was wriiten  Emily Davison who is a writer and lit student obsessed with book.  Follow her on Instagram 

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