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Bookish Photography Wrap Up


First we worked on The Toymakers with Ebury publishing. I have to say that we love working with Ebury; they always give us full, creative control and are just super easy to collaborate with.

For the flatlays we wanted to give them a vintage, magical and slightly dark feel – the book is both magical and dark – and we knew we wanted toy soldiers in some photos. Finding the right props for this photo seemed to take forever and then when we had them all together we still didn’t feel we had it 100% right, but I think this is creativity on the whole. I wanted vintage stamps and a vintage leather-bound journal, but you know costs and all.  I also really badly wanted to find a vintage patchwork dog, but it wasn’t to be. However, I adore the photos and so did the publisher and without a doubt this was one of our favourites. We always give between 3 and 5 options unless the publisher asks for something specific.

Bookish Photography

The photo for Bookish Bronte’s account was done so last-minute (on the day). We don’t often do this so it was a little stressful. We had considered a few options for this photo, including dressing Bronte as a toy soldier, but we ditched them all in favour of recreating an old photo which seemed to fit so perfectly. The book is about toys coming to life, so we brought to life one of Bronte’s childhood toys that she loved.  For an ad this picture did really well and we really loved the result.

We also launched the Once Upon A River (OUAR) campaign. We have been working on this campaign since about May. We came up with a six months Insta-marketing calendar for the clients, which includes the launch of the ARC and a final launch of the book. This is the first time we have been let loose with a full campaign and we loved it.  The launch photo was one that we needed lots of help with; let’s just say we recruited my Dad to make it. We knew we wanted to get the essence of the book over without necessary showing the cover as this is an ARC at present. We have been dying forever to create one of these photos with a river in and this was the perfect opportunity. We were expecting it to go wrong so we did have a back up in mind, but it looked perfect and we absolutely adore the finished picture with its BTS now on Instagram. This picture was the perfect launch for a really magical book.

Instagram campaign

In other news, to see one of my posts broken down and analysed on Influencer Update was so interesting and it was brilliant to finally launch a new project # and out Autumn #.

Oh and an exciting trip to Ireland, which I’m sure you will hear more and more about.


We will be working behind the scenes on the OUAR campaign which is exciting and we are changing Bookish Photography a lot as it morphs into a much grander adventure. I can’t tell you anything at the moment but it’s super exciting and a real stepping-your-game-up kind of thing.

We are out and about a lot this month (oh, and when I say we I mean my Mum and I, who seems to have become my business partner).

We have a trip to the Cat Cafe in London for a book launch, which is quite possibly the best place I have ever been invited too.  I expect to never leave and bring many cats home with me. We are also going to the launch of Book bridge (which sounds kind of scary) and a bestsellers evening on the same day. And then two days at the Influencer Show as well as a few very cool sponsored posts; it’s all looking every exciting.

Oh, and of course it’s scary month and I have some amazing pictures planned.

So how is your October looking?

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