How the Happy Pear Convinced Me to Become Vegetarian

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Books really can change your life

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Tourism Ireland and Penguin Books to go on a trip to Ireland to celebrate the release of The Happy Pear’s newest book ‘Recipes for Happiness.’ It was my first time going to Ireland and I absolutely loved it, so much so that I want to go back for more!


The highlight, of course, was going to The Happy Pear. Before the sun even came up, we were whisked away to Greystones to join David and Stephen, the owners of Happy Pear, for a sunrise swim. I have to say that David and Stephen are some of the most amazing and interesting people I have ever met, I couldn’t get enough of their energy and enthusiasm! Granted, the idea of jumping into the ocean made my bad circulation curl its toes up at the thought, but I was more than happy to stay on the shore and get some stunning photos of the sunrise. I’ve always been a fan of sunsets, but I couldn’t remember the first time that I had watched the sun come up, if ever. There was something quite magical about it.

As for the food, I didn’t really know what to expect. At the time when I visited, I wasn’t vegetarian even though since then I have decided to become one. Turns out, I was really naive in thinking that the food would be limited. It was anything but. I had never eaten so much colour before! And I have no idea how they did it, but they managed to make carrot taste like salmon which is absolutely crazy to me! I still dream about the food I had there, in particular the most amazing blueberry yoghurt I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.


When I got back in the U.K, I was feeling rather inspired. I demolished the granola and vegan red pesto they gave us as gifts (I’m never eating another pesto ever again). I wanted to try and experiment more with what I was eating and push myself outside the box even more. I went to Ireland insisting that I didn’t like avocados, but turns out they’re actually pretty damn delicious, so what else was I missing out on?

Over the last few weeks I have become much more conscious about being sustainable. I don’t know why, and I have no idea what’s bought this on, but I’m trying to be more sustainable in my fashion and plastic use, and of course meat production damages the planet also. I hadn’t really been eating meat for the last few months anyway, so I had to ask myself would I really miss it? Chicken, maybe I might miss, but I could live without it and I’m not really getting any desire to eat meat at the moment anyway, so it could be easy right?

 So far, it is.

I’ve eaten several recipes out The Happy Pear’s book ‘Recipes for Happiness’ and I couldn’t get enough of their Shepherdless Pie, it was amazing! Before I went to Ireland, I thought of food as just something to keep me going, as something to keep me from dying. But The Happy Pear really opened my eyes to what could really be and really inspired me to get creative with my meals whilst being healthier at the same time. So cudos to you Happy Pear, you somehow made me like avocadoes!

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