Are Bookstagrammers Just Showing Off How Many Books They Have?


Here’s An Annoying New Blog Trend: Verbally Attacking Communities on Instagram

I recently read an article on Vulture and an article on The Guardian both attacking the Bookstagram community. I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more than the terrible article written by The Guardian which was a total waste of time. If you’re going to try and put the book community on Instagram down, at least do it well. But anyway, The Guardian has lost themselves a reader.

To summarise, both of these articles talk about how Bookstagram photos take away the proper meaning of books, call the Instagrammers pretentious and vain, say they’re showing off how many books they have to make themselves look good and to make others feel bad. And, strangely, some people in the comments even calling these Instagrammers ‘twats’ or ‘bastards’.

 Now, unlike these people did, I’m going to RESPECTFULLY disagree with their comments.  

 I like to think that I’m not naive enough to live in a world where books can only be used for one thing, that they only have one purpose. I like to think of myself as more open minded than that. The fact of the matter is that books can be used as an art form. They are MY art form. It’s how express myself. It’s how I show my love for books. Never in my life have I taken a photo of a stack of books and thought “haha yes, this will show off how many books I have nicely, and it sure is going to make people wish they had as many books as me!” Do you know why? Because I’m not childish and petty. I take photos of books because I think they look nice and I enjoy reading them. There’s nothing else to it.

The fact that some people are so angry about a community that just expresses their love for books makes me wonder how their heart has room for so much hate about something that isn’t causing harm. Why don’t you channel your hateful energy into something more meaningful? Children are starving and dying, we are polluting our oceans, we are polluting the air… Why waste your time hating on something so insignificant compared to these things?

And in terms of people being vain… In case you didn’t notice Instagram is a visual platform where people share photos, sometimes of themselves. I’m in all of my photos because I like taking photos of myself, and so what? I repeat, there are worst things going on that a person who enjoys self portrait photography.

As far as I’m concerned, people are allowed an opinion. Not everyone is going to like what you do. I accept that. But going as far to call people names for doing what they love just isn’t okay in my book (yes, even in this blog post I’m including a pun). But in turn you have got to respect that people are allowed to do what they want with their own property. You may not like what they do with it, but unfortunately ‘Susan’ you do not get a say in what other people do with their own stuff. And if you don’t like it? Don’t look at it. The solution to your problem is actually very simple. Just because they’re doing something that you wouldn’t do with your stuff doesn’t make them ‘twats’. I would go as far to call you a ‘twat’ for believing so, but I’m not a middle-aged person finding something to hate about millennials. So I won’t.  

 People can easily slander something that they don’t understand and aren’t a part of. They can call Bookstagram a vain, pretentious place where people just use it to show off how many books they read all they want, because I know that it isn’t true. I found Bookstagram at a very sad part of my life and it made me find myself again. It gave me a creative outlet, something to be passionate about. It gave me a community and most importantly, it reignited my passion for reading. I get some amazing messages saying how, somehow, my account has inspired people to read and that is honestly a great feeling. And if you’re bothered by a platform which is getting young people reading again, I think you need to find something more important to be angry about.

Oh and guess what? People who take photos of their books also actually read them too. I know that must be shocking for you to hear, but it’s true.

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