The Book of Essie Review


The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir

This one took me a good few months to get through. Not because it was bad or I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, it’s just one of those books that you can put down and come back to so easily because it’s such an easy read.

 The Book of Essie is about a sixteen-year-old girl who has grown up in the spotlight of a reality TV show about her family called Six for Hicks. Essie gets pregnant, and the book follows her cunning plan of how to handle it.

Let’s get the things I didn’t like about this book out of the way first. I found the middle of the book a little bit long winded. Not extremely, but enough for me to not be gripped by it anymore and not have a burning desire to pick it back up again immediately. I also didn’t really care for Liberty. I found myself sometimes even skim reading her sections, especially in the middle, because I didn’t really care about her back story. I felt like I should’ve felt some sort of sympathy for her, but I really didn’t. I felt like screaming ‘oh my god shut up and just do your job’ a lot of the time. And I feel bad saying that, but I just found her so, so annoying.

However, I really did like the beginning of the book and when it picked up towards the end. I loved Essie’s character and how she managed to manipulate the whole situation so that her mother was playing directly into her hand, even if her mother didn’t know it. Overall, I thought it was extremely clever. Essie is such a complicated character with a pretty messed up life, and the book did a great job of portraying that without it being too glaringly obvious.

This book also took a pretty effed up turn in the end also and it got me so frigging mad that so many people in Essie’s life knew what had happened, yet no one was saying anything in fears of harming theirs, and the shows, reputation. By the end, I was very much hooked.

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