Bookstagram ideas for winter

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Some Bookish Christmas Photo Ideas

(A word about the pictures used in this blog post - they all come from Pinterest and I have linked to them all - where I can find the originator I have linked to them. )

I do love Bookstagram during the winter, especially around Christmas. It’s as if everything gets a bit more magical and sparkly and I love that!

Want some ideas for some wintery styles to up your game on bookstagram? Then wait no longer! The pictures I have included in this post do not all include books, however, books could be easily incorporated into the idea.

  1. If autumn is cosy then winter gets even cosier.

    Think big jumpers, thick socks, blankets you name it. Cosy your photos up and don’t be afraid to go over the top. The more wool the better in my opinion. Take overhead shots that show your cosy socks, take shots by the fire with your socks or show us you reading on the sofa snuggled in a blanket. We want to see it all.

2. Snow snow snow

If you are somewhere where you have snow then please get out and take some pictures - the rest of us want to see! Happy pictures of you in your bobble hat in the snow, pictures of a snow covered forest or rooftops, a shot through the window at the snow covered hills beyond... If you have snow, use it!

Photo from  Somewhere Divine

Photo from Somewhere Divine

3. The hot chocolate mug

Nothing says winter like a hot chocolate – get your festive mug and hold it up everywhere, outside/inside we really don’t care, nothing like a hot chocolate to get us all in the mood and warm us up a bit. And if you have a Christmas Tree in the background - even better.

4. Candles, candles everywhere

Candles lit and a cosy set up make me swoon at Christmas. I am not talking about dark pictures here but lighter ones that just make us feel like we are reading in the room with you.

5. Add some sparkles

If we can’t add sparkles at this time of year, when can we? Last Christmas I went sparkle mad with Lumyer adding sparkles to coffee, spinning giant snowflakes – the lot. While I might not be doing that this year, you can be guaranteed I will be taking some inspirations form the queen of sparkles Danielle (@sienna.and.i) and adding sparkles to as many pictures as I can. Think magical if we can’t add it this time of year when can we add it.

I would love to see your winter creations so please tag me in any you create.

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