5 Instagrammers That Put a Smile on My Face

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Instagrammers who lift me up and make me happy.

You can never have too much happiness, especially when there are so many things to be angry about in the world. I like to find happiness in the little things, like at the bottom of a cup of tea, in between book pages and, of course, on Instagram. I could write an entire book full of people who put a smile on my face when I’m scrolling through Instagram, but for now, I’m going to name just five.

  1. @laurenastondesigns

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Watching Lauren’s stories has become part of my morning routine. She always has me smiling, and laughing, even when talking about things as normal as milk! I just adore her spirit and watching her day unfold - in a non-creepy way of course!

2. @jazminsawyers


Jazmin is longer jumper, olympian AND singer - how much talent can one woman have!? Jazmin is such a beautiful soul inside and out and such an inspiring person, I just love following her!

3. @mutha.hood


I love joining Gemma for her chats in her stories - she is absolutely hilarious! If sunshine would manifest in the form of a person, Gemma would be that person. She also sells the most amazing t-shirts. I want them all. In every single colour.

4. @sophia.elrae


Sophia’s account is one of my absolute favourites. Her photos are just stunning and I love joining her on her journey through life and motherhood.

5. @the_life_of_aivax


No one does Photoshop like Vanessa does. She is the absolute QUEEN. Her mind is so creative and the photos she produce always have me smiling and saying “wow”!

So please go give them all a follow you won’t regret it.

So tell me who inspires you on Instagram?

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