Don’t make 2019 all about numbers.

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Instagram goals you should be setting

If you are setting yourself some Instagram/Bookstagram goals, please look beyond the numbers. It’s so tempting at this time of year to set number goals but really numbers on Instagram are becoming a bit of a vanity matrix and may not help you in the long term. 

So instead, think about these questions and I’m sure you will come up with something much more helpful.

Why did you start your Instagram account?

What was the purpose? It’s so easy sometimes to get lost and forgot the reason we did it in the first place. What goal can you create around the reason you are here in the first place? For example, if you came on the platform to build community, how can you focus more on doing that than worrying about numbers?

What do you enjoy the most about this platform?

Figure out what you love and make a plan to do more of that. Similarly, what do you like the least and make a plan to stop that.

How does Instagram link up, if at all, with your plans for the future?

For some it will and for some it won’t. If it does, look at your account and your future plans and see how you can link the two things up more.

What would be absolutely amazing if it happened? What would make you jump up and down with joy if it happened, for example a company that contacts you, an invitation you get, something amazing that will come to you through Instagram or someone who would follow you. Pick a few things that would be amazing then think about how you could make it happen. If it’s a person you want to follow you, how could you make friends with them and get them to notice you?

What would make it more fun?

Think about what would make this more fun for you, what would make you enjoy your time on the platform more and if the answer is leave it, then that is fine too.

 And if you are really still worried about numbers, think about engagement rate but not in the traditional way; think about engagement rates in the terms of reach (I think you can only do this with business accounts). So how many people does your photo reach and what is your engagement rate on that?

 I think this is a much better number to be thinking about, it’s much more real than working out an engagement rate on followers. It’s also something you can work on improving; while reach might be hard to improve you can improve engagement rates by being more active on the platform.

And I think the most important thing here is to think about how you can make the platform work for you, what it means to you, the part it plays in your future and they way it makes you feel. I think when you know the answers to all of these things you can plan accordingly and not get wrapped up in numbers, because it’s not really about the numbers, it’s about making this platform work for you.

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