Why aren’t there more books in your feed?

reading and books.jpg

Even though I’m Bookish Bronte there is more to me than books.

I recently asked my audience about the things they followed me for and what they wanted to see more of in 2019. The things you all said were amazing and I’m hoping that I can start doing a lot of the things you suggested. But there is one suggestion that I won’t be taking on and that is the, “You need to talk about books more”, which I know might seem a strange one, considering my username is bookishbronte.

So I thought I would explain more.

While I started out as a Bookstagrammer that was never really why I started my account and I have written about this a few times. For me, starting my account at university was a bit of an experiment, then when I left I started to see that actually this could become a business and could even support me in my ultimate goal to become a writer. This was something I never really expected if I’m honest but something I am really thankful for. Never having to get a 9-5 job is a dream.

When I started my account I was 18. I’m now 21 and I’ve changed a lot; yes I still love books, yes I still read as much as I can but I am so much more than books. I think that pigeon-holing ourselves into one very narrow niche is never a good idea. I am someone who has strong opinions, someone who loves clothes, films, traveling, experiencing new things and standing up for what I feel is important. Should I not do any of that because I started as a Bookstagram account – of course not!

I think this is why a lot of people get bored and fed up with their accounts, because they don’t show all of themselves, they narrow themselves to one thing that gives them little wiggle room and however much I like books, talking and taking pictures of them all the time is well, boring.   

I’m aware that not talking about books may mean some people unfollow me and that is OK, my book review posts are the least read on my blog.

I like the fact that I am multi-faceted, I like the fact that I can take pictures of many things, I like that fact that with my influence I can talk about other topics that are really important to me and I like the fact that I have created an account that doesn’t make me feel locked in.

I make no apologies for that or for the fact that some of my photos contain fewer books; I will include books when they make sense, when I have a book I want to shout about and will make sure where possible that my posts are bookish in nature, but sometimes they won’t be because I am so much more than just a reader and I hope you are too.  

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