How I decide if I will work with a certain brand or not.

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Why I decided to work with a Vitamin Company

I wanted to walk you through how and why I took on this collaboration because it was one of those I wasn’t sure about at first. I also thought it would be helpful for you to see the thought process when it comes to ads. I don’t take on everything that comes my way; in fact I take on less than half, I think. I take my Instagram feed very seriously and I take what I promote to my audience very seriously. 

I have long since stopped doings ads from free. I decided that I will only promote something on my feed for free if it is a charity or a good cause, or I absolutely adore the product and was going to anyway (this is very rare now though). I made this decision because I was sick of having to explain myself to people who are getting paid to ask me to create something, often taking me hours, for no pay at all. So, saying that I only do things for free if they are good causes is an easy and nice way to decline such offers. 

When it comes to paid ads I think long and hard about every one; well not every one. Some take no thinking about at all, like anything to do with Disney tends to be a automatic yes. So some requests come in and I just know immediately that it is a great fit for me and my audience and I can create an amazing picture. However, these are few and far between so the rest I think long and hard about. I never want to look like an account that takes on anything, but I must earn a living and I believe in challenging myself too. Some are definite noes, like there are a bad fit, want something I can’t and won’t create, are just not interesting enough to allow me to be creative, the company looks shady or they have practices I don’t agree with. 

So that leaves me with definite noes and definite yesses and then there are the in-between ones. The ones I’m not sure about and really need to think about, with these I tend to give myself 24 hours to really think about it. 

The Vitabiotics one was is this category. It came in and was a great pitch, allowed me to be creative, paid well and was straight forward.  Win. But vitamins; was that really in line with me and my account?

The first thing I did was look through the hashtag to see what others had posted, there was some super-creative posts in there with some of my faves working with the company several times, which made me think they must be nice and easy to work with. Some of their pictures really felt like they could fit with my style. So I knew I could create the picture but did I want to? 

I researched a bit about the company and vitamins and all look good and taking supplements was something I had been thinking about; this working for yourself is hard work after all. 

So I moved on; could I tell a story that my audience might be interested in that could link with this product? I guess what I am really asking here is would this be of interest to my audience? 

Since starting to work for myself full time it has been exhausting and I have started to feel like I need a little extra help to keep me going, so for me there was a story there that I could incorporate, also the fact that as introvert and a bookworm I like to step out of the house as little as possible, especially if the cold weather means that I don’t get enough Vitamin D. I had two pictures to take and two stories to tell so it seemed like this might work. I then sat down with my mum to discuss photo ideas and we came up with two really good ones. I started to get excited about creating them and the story I could tell. When I get to this place I know that the project is a yes for me. 

I want to feel excited and proud of everything I create or everything I share and of the work I do. I never want to feel that I have just placed a product in an already existing photo; I want to create a concept around each photo I do, ad or not, so I realised that I would do this with this campaign. 

Had I not got to this place then I would have said no to the ad, however much it was going to pay me. 

This is why I often get annoyed when people don’t engage with ads; some even say they like them and then unlike them when they realize. It’s because often for most influencers the thought, attention and detail that goes into their ads is thought through, it is not something we throw together on a whim. We put so much effort into creating content that will not only look good but will tell a story and engage our audience. 

For me I have to feel passionate about what I am creating and why. 

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How I work with brands

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