A new way to look at #ads

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Why #ads are so important for my content

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ads on Instagram. I know some people don’t like them, and some think they spoil Instagram, but for me they are what allow me to do Instagram. Just like the ad breaks on TV allow the channel to continue creating programmes, the companies I’m fortunate enough to work with allow me to continue creating the content I create for you. 

If I take October for example all of the clothes you will see for this month I bought myself, the trip to Whitby I paid for myself including travel and the hotel, the only gifted item included in my October content was the access to Whitby Abbey as I have a press pass from English Heritage. This is something I choose to do and I’m not complaining at all, but I couldn’t do it without the wonderful companies I work with. While some content creators have other jobs I’ve chosen not to do that and put all my time and effort into the work I do here, so if I didn’t work with these companies I just couldn’t put this content together.

Now the choice is yours as to whether you engage with my ads or not and I’m fine either way but please know that most of the money I receive is invested back into content creation. I’m careful about who I choose to work with and really do turn many companies down that other creators work with. I try and stick to my manifesto as much as possible.

So I’ve decided to be really up front and let you know in advance which companies I am working with this month and who is essentially sponsoring my content for the month ahead.

So this month I’m working with:

Frexinet – I don’t normally work with alcohol brands and have tried to stay out of this space however I loved this campaign which is all about celebrating everyday moments big and small and it really did fit in with the monthly theme so well.

Vitabioitics – this is the third time I have worked with this company and they are a dream to work with – they really do give you creative control. They are also vitamins I take every day. I have been approached by several other vitamin companies to work with them but I’ve said No because I will never advertise two such similar product even though this is not in my contract. Plus I will not advertise something I do not use.

Pink Lady Apples – This is so exciting because pink lady have put together the most amazing reading list which I can’t wait to tell you about. Also Pink lady apples are seriously the only apples I eat.

As I write this I have created the content for Frexinet which will be posted tonight and I really loved how it turned out. I have yet to create the other content but I love the concept I have come up and I hope you do too.

I also have a few unconfirmed possible collaborations in the pipeline which relate to books, TV shows and films. If I get the green light on these I have some great content planned and I will let you know.

I will also be going away courtesy of Sky Arts, I have a long standing relationship with Sky and love working with them. I also have a Sky related post to go up this month.

So here is me saying a big thank you to the brands who decide to put their trust in me and my followers who make it all so worth while.

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