On the Origin of Species Retold and illustrated by Sabina Radeva


It takes a pretty heavy, full on topic and makes it incredibly fun

Sabina Radeva’s retelling of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was first launched on kickstarter, and is a book that I wish I had when I was young; it takes a pretty heavy, full on topic and makes it incredibly fun! But now that I’m older I can really appreciate this book for what it really is; a work of art. I must have spent at least five minutes on every page, examining each and every illustration because they were all just so incredible.

 Radeva’s On the Origin of Species is the perfect book to open up a child’s mind and encourage them to be curious of their surroundings and observe the world around them. It encourages them to be inquisitive, and to really see the world around them.

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When this book arrived in my hands I tried to remember the last time I thought about the theory of evolution, and all I could remember was sitting in my science classes in secondary school absolutely hating the lessons because I was never any good at science and found the whole thing incredibly boring. On the Origin of the Species made the theory of evolution fun and exciting. Yes, even at my big age of 21 I found this picture book fun! But honestly the best thing about this book for me was the illustrations. I still can’t get over them. I can only dream of being a that talented! It’s also great to me that Sabina also had a science career as well as a creative one. With Sabina’s background in Molecular Biology, it felt a lot more special reading this book because I could really sense her passion through not only the illustrations, but the words too.

For those who have young children, I really recommend this book for you. Not only is it completely gorgeous, but it’s also interesting and factual! I’ll definitely be keeping it for if I ever have children of my own, and if not I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it to my nieces or nephews. Every once in a while, you come across a book that you think is going in to passed down in the family, and I think this is one of those books.

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