Why I’m No Longer BookishBronte


If you have been following along with me the past few months, you may have noticed things about my account have started changing, or maybe you haven’t! My story highlights have changed colour, the way I story is different, the way I edit is different and I’ve started talking about books a bit less and talking about other things that matter to me more. There is an explanation I promise, and It’s probably going to be more long winded than it needs to be, but I think it’s something I need to get down in writing, for you guys as well as myself. 

But before I tell you why I’ve decided to totally rebrand myself, you’re going to need a bit of context. 

For the past couple of months, I’ve slowly been falling out of love with my account once again but this time, I couldn’t figure out why. I was trying new things, editing differently but I still kept on feeling the same. It was frustrating. I wasn’t loving creating content anymore and I was putting it off for a long as possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I lost my passion and my fire. I was getting bored. I started to feel a bit limited and often felt bad for posting things that weren’t related to books, because I am (well, was) BOOKISHbronte after all. It sounds stupid, but I was starting to feel like I was being fake. I wasn’t being my full self because I felt like nobody cared if it wasn’t related to books. There’s so much more to my personality, so I thought why should I be limited myself by putting ‘bookish’ in my name? I am now so much more than just books, and I didn’t think the name really described the direction I was heading anymore. I felt like a fraud calling myself ‘bookishbronte’ when not everything I talk about is related to books. 

When I started the account, my end goal was never to become an ‘influencer’ (I still hate that word!) I was just using it as a place to talk about books. But as my following grew, and as I became older I grew into myself and the things I became passionate about. Yes, I love books. But I also talk about feminism, sustainability, fashion, self-love and well, me in general, so why should I just be defining myself by one adjective? I decided I shouldn’t be. So that’s why I’ve changed. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard. Probably one of the most emotionally draining decisions I’ve made in my life. My mind has constantly been back and forth about it for several weeks, being apprehensive about my decision but also incredibly excited. It’s something that, for me, needed to happen because I have so many other exciting things I want to do that don’t really fit with the ‘bookishbronte’ name. I have a lot to thank bookishbronte for, but it’s time for me to evolve, grow, and move on. 

Who is @frombeewithlove ?

Well, she is more me! Just me, talking about things that I love. Of course, I’m not going to stop talking about books because they’re such a huge part of me. But I’m going to be talking more about my other loves; writing, movies, entertainment, fashion, feminism and self-love. I’ll let you guys in on my day more, and essentially, you’ll get to know me better! And of coarse I have the Girls Who Can book club for the real bookish geeks among us. 

Why @frombeewithlove ?

I feel like the name encompasses everything that I want my account to be. ‘Bee’ has been my nickname ever since I was a toddler, I even have a bee tattoo! And one of my mantras in life is to TRY and do everything with love and kindness. I don’t always get it right, I’m only human and I do have a sting in my tail, but I’m trying and I’m getting there. I also liked how it sounds like I’m signing off a written letter, which is where the writing part of me comes in!

So, what’s changing?

Well, in theory, not much. Like I’ve said before, I’m still talking about books, but I’m just expanding to talk about other things too. Basically, bookishbronte got a bit of a makeover and upgrade. I’ve changed my style of editing to a vintage style which I have always lusted after, but it didn’t fit with the type of photos I was taking, but now it’s going to! Expect my Instagram to get a lot more personal, is what I’m saying. I’m being more myself. 

I have so much to thank @bookishbronte for that it’s kind of hard to say goodbye to the name. I’m so, so grateful for every single one of you for following me and I hope you’ll continue this journey with me. But if you want to go, that’s fine I understand. I appreciate you stopping by!

From Bee, with love x