22 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt in 22 Years

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Because sometimes we all need a little reminder

1. The life plan you made for yourself when you were 16 probably isn’t going to happen. And that’s okay.

 2.  If you’re drinking a whole bottle of wine every Sunday night when you have university lectures the next day, you are far from ‘fine’. Even if you spend the entire time telling yourself that you are.

 3.  It’s okay to outgrow people.

 4.  The type of men you date will reveal a lot about your own issues.

 5.   Do not be with someone who makes you feel anxiously attached.

 6.   Feminism is so much more than women having equal rights to men.

 7.   Your wants and your NEEDS are extremely different.

 8.   Laughter is so important.

 9.   Put motivational quotes EVERYWHERE. They really help you.

 10.  People leaving is just the universe making room for the right ones.

 11.  Never stop reminding yourself how much you are worth.

12.  If someone doesn’t fit your standards, walk away.

 13.  Your voice matters. Use it.

 14.  You actually really care about the environment.

 15.  Changing your mind is not being fake.

 16.  Stop making excuses for people just for the sake of keeping them in your life.

 17.  It’s okay to question yourself.

 18.  Allow yourself to feel sad but don’t let it consume you.

19.  Not everyone is going to understand you. You don’t need those people.

 20.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself on the internet.

 21.  Everything feels a little better after a cup of tea. Even if it’s just a tiny bit.

 22.  Everything. I repeat, EVERYTHING that happens to you happens for a reason.

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