Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton Review


Dolly makes you feel like a friend with her writing

This is the second time that I’ve picked up this book. The first time I started reading it, I just couldn’t get into it because I was deep into my reading slump. But this time, oh boy, I absolutely adored it and can 100% confirm that it is worth the hype.

This memoir navigates through parts of Dolly’s life, ones that have taught her some sort of lesson. I didn’t expect to find this book as relatable as I did, but wow. I really did. Especially the part about MSN relationships at the beginning of the book. God, I remember those days very, very clearly and reading this section bought back a whole lot of memories. What I appreciated about Dolly’s book is that nothing is sugar-coated. Every word was raw and real, which is why I found it so relatable even if I haven’t found myself in some of the same situations as her.

Dolly makes you feel like a friend with her writing. Like you are sitting down and having a catch up, or you’re stuck on a train with a total stranger and you’re sharing each other’s life stories. I wouldn’t describe Dolly’s life as ‘ordinary’, but it’s not so abnormal that you feel alienated and can’t put yourself in the situations with her. I was right with Dolly with every word she said.

The thing I love most about this book is the stance that Dolly takes on love. She talks about how the most precious form of love she has felt is for her best friend, and she has learnt so much about love from her love for her friends rather than the love you feel in relationships. I have to admit, in the last chapter, I did cry just a little bit. It made me think of how much I completely adore my friends. Of how many heart breaks we have seen and got each other through, how many life experiences we have shared, of the drunken wine nights, of the nights where we constantly tell ourselves and each other we are ‘fine’, when we were anything but. Of the road trips, of the train journeys to visit them, of the movie nights, of the videos. Of everything.

This is a book that I will look back on and remember exactly what I was feeling when I was reading it. It made me question what I know about love and how much I still have to learn. This is a book that I’m so glad I read.

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