5 Inspirational Women That You Need to Follow

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This is what women supporting women looks like.

It’s the week of International Women’s Day and there are so many ways this week that I’ll be celebrating it. One of them is writing this article, including just some of the amazing women that I have come across on Instagram who inspire me every single day.

 1. @ginamartinuk


 I mean, this amazing lady CHANGED THE BLOODY LAW AND MADE UPSKIRTING ILLEGAL. Gina reminds me that if she can change the law, then I can do anything. I can’t even imagine the battles that Gina had to conquer to do this, not only physically but emotionally as well! I have nothing but respect and admiration for her because she is so unapologetically herself and is one of the first people to call out if something is wrong. She also has a cute AF tortoise who makes an appearance in her stories everyday, so if that isn’t an incentive I don’t know what is!

 2. @florencegiven


 Florence constantly reminds me of who the fuck I am. Whenever I need to be reminded of my worth, all I have to do is visit her page and scroll through her hand-drawn illustrations. (One of my favourites right now is “stop wasting time on people who don’t realise what a privilege it is to even know you”.) they always hit me right where I need them and make me feel ridiculously empowered. She encourages me to think deeper and more meaningfully. BTW, you can also buy her prints and apparel online here . Florence also has pretty fab Spotify playlists and isn’t afraid to have a good ol’ dance in her stories.

 3. @charlie_craggs


Charlie is a trans activist, author and founder of Nail Transphobia, an organisation who’s aim is to educate people on trans issues and make new allies, all whilst delivering manicures! I first found Charlie on the Feminist Don’t Wear Pink podcast and listening to her read part of the Feminists Don’t Wear Pink book made such an impact on me and I’ve been following her journey ever since. She keeps it real, and I love that about her.

 4.  @thehappynewspaper and @emilycoxhead


The world can be a pretty rotten place sometimes, and that’s why I love The Happy Newspaper and Emily. It’s not possible to keep it 100% positive 100% of the time, but The Happy News certainly makes it a whole lot easier! It’s only £3.99 for three months, so I highly suggest you subscribe! The Happy News and Emily are pretty much sunshine in a person!

 5.  @therebelwomansclub


The Rebel Woman’s Club is an ‘inclusive and empowering platform giving you the freedom and confidence to be fearlessly YOU’ founded by @allison_sadler_ and I love everything that they stand for. Not only do they feature some pretty amazing quotes, they also shine the spotlight on some amazing women doing some amazing things!

 I could honestly go on forever about the amazing accounts who inspire me every day and do some pretty amazing things. It’s such a privilege to watch their journey unfold. So I want to to thank all of the women in this article, and all of the ones who aren’t for inspiring me to aim higher, think deeper, be bolder, love harder and BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME.

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