Why I No Longer Show Behind the Scenes of All My Photos

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I really want you to find your own thing

I feel really guilty for writing this article, and on top of that I feel bad that I feel so guilty. I mean I need to get a life! I think the worse thing is that this article reminds me how delicate a balance creating is and how the need to share and keep things to yourself is a constant struggle, especially when you care so much. But enough of that, what am I going on about?

For those of you who had been following me for years, you will know that I used to do Behind the Scenes (BTS) on every single photo that I produced. This was way back when I used to post (with the odd exception) every single day and a lot of my photos required a huge amount of Photoshop.

Quite frankly, this was exhausting to me. It was pretty much doubling my workload because I was having to stop editing my photos to make sure that I was documenting every single step that I was doing. This is work that I was doing FOR FREE, and work which took up a huge amount of time.

Everyone loved seeing how I created my photos and found the process fascinating. And I was so happy to receive so many messages from my followers saying how my BTS has helped them push themselves to try new things and create their own art inspired by my process. Note how I said INSPIRED.

However what happened was as I revealed my process step by step, exact copies of my own photos started appearing on my timeline. And I mean exact copies. This isn’t shade to anyone who has copied any of my photos directly to a T, copying is how you learn and that’s fine! But it is a little bit disheartening to see, especially when no credit is given. I should have expected it, I know, but it was then that I decided I’m not going to show how I do my photos as much.

You see I never wanted to be copied, I shared to help you find your own thing not for you take mine. Because you are unique and amazing as who you are, you don’t need my thing you need to find your own thing.

But what I found really fascinating is the amount of people who started to expect these FREE tutorials from me. If I posted a photoshopped photo, some people would message me WHO NEVER COMMENT ON MY PHOTOS saying ‘behind the scenes please’. And I’m sorry, but if you’re not going to even engage on the post, there’s no way I’m going to show you how to do it.

The culture of expecting something for nothing is not really one I enjoy or subscribe to. There are so many things I would love to learn how to do from creators, even ones I consider friends but I would never ask them. Firstly I don’t know it just kinds of seems disrespectful in a way and I also know the journey of learning for yourself is part of the process.

I think it’s always important to remember that no one is entitled to free content. You may not like to hear it, but content creators do not owe you anything. Many creators give out HUGE amounts of free content because they love what they’re doing. It’s not just with Instagrammers, it’s with YouTubers too. Some ‘fans’ complain their favourite YouTubers didn’t bring out a video on time. But I just want to remind you THAT YOU CAN WATCH IT FOR FREE. Oh and we are people, we do need to live and we do have feelings.

But I still wanted to share how I created my photos, because editing is what I love most about my Instagram. I love challenging myself and creating something new. But I knew that I couldn’t just keep putting it in my stories for the people who don’t engage in my photos to see. That’s when I decided to move my Behind the Scenes onto my Patreon. On there, I do a much more detailed behind the scenes on one of my photos, which I could never do in my stories, and overall, I think it’s a much more effective way of doing them. I release them to paid Patrons first and then the general public who just follow me.

So why do I no longer show the behind the scenes of every photo I do? Well, there’s three main reasons. The first being that it’s bloody exhausting to do. It takes a lot of mental power to try and explain into words what you’re doing, when a lot of the time it’s really hard to explain. It was taking a lot out of me, and I thought it would be more efficient to do one really detailed one for my Patreon than loads of half-arsed ones. And the second reason is that I want some of my secrets to be my own. I’m sorry, but sometimes you’ve got to be selfish. I adore seeing photos that were inspired by mine, but exact copies are never okay. Instagram is a hard enough place to stand out, and I wasn’t doing myself any favours by revealing all of my secrets. And third and most importantly because I want you to find your own thing and I think when we copy others we add to the inner bullshit that has us believe we are no good and can’t come up with ideas and create from our own imaginations.

I know that so many of you followed me because of my behind the scenes, and I’m well aware that it’s something I became known for and I really do appreciate you all following me and the wonderful messages I received from you every day. As I’ve said before, if it’s the behind the scenes you miss, I do them on my patreon so they aren’t gone forever, they’re just not a staple on my Instagram feed anymore. I try to be as helpful and generous as possible, but there most definitely is a line.

All this being said, I am more than happy to have a little chat with any of you if you need some help editing your photos so please do message me.

Oh and look out for something I am launching next week on Instagram which is designed to help you on your own creative journey and will be absolutely free :)

From Bee, With Love

Oh and if you want to see a detailed Behind the Scenes on Flying Book Pages you can find it here. You will need to follow me but it is free just to follow.

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