How to Take Photos When You Don’t Have an Instagrammable House

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What to do when your house is less than a perfect picture.

 If you look on my Instagram feed, you will notice that you hardly see any of the interior of my house on my feed. And that’s very simply because it doesn’t fit with the Instagram ‘aesthetic’. There’s no monstera plants, no big fluffy rugs, no Instagrammable bedrooms (we’re working on that) and minimalism is not a thing in my house. I’m not shading those people who have these houses in any way. In fact, I would KILL (maybe a bit of an exaggeration) to have a house like that. Where I could just wake up and only have to do a little bit of set up for a photo. But that’s not what my house is like at all. This is my reality:

I live in a small two bedroom terrace house that doesn’t have one right angle in the entire place. The walls aren’t built straight because the house is on a slight bend and the floorboards in the living room aren’t straight either. The wallpaper that the rooms are decorated with don’t fit my aesthetic, and the only ‘plain white wall’ that I have is in my tiny hallway, and even then I have to edit out dents and marks every time I take a photo. I can complain about how I don’t have an Instagrammable house as much as I want, but it doesn’t change my reality. So I have to think outside the box a little and get a bit more innovative. Here are some things that I do to get past the struggle of not having an Instagram house:

 1. Backdrops. Backdrops. Backdrops.

Backdrops are your friends. You know those photos of me on the dark wooden floor? That’s not actually a real floor. It’s a backdrop. I also have plans to buy rolls of wallpaper to use as a backdrop for my self-portraits too. If you do flatlays, you can also get smaller more manageable backdrops as well. It does require a bit of ‘fake it til you make it’, but as long as you’re upfront about it, I don’t see any issue in using backdrops.

 2.  Think of different Ways to do Lifestyle Shots.

The only double bed in the house is in my mums bedroom, but her wallpaper doesn’t fit the aesthetic of my Instagram. I’ll never be a lifestyle account, and I don’t want to be, but to do ‘lifestyle’ type shots I do flatlays. These are my ‘over the bed’ shots and my fake dark wooden floor shots. You just have to make do with what you have, and if that means just doing flatlays then that’s what you gotta do for now!

3.  Do Photos that Aren’t in Your House.

This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but it’s taken me a while to implement. (You’ll be seeing a lot more outside ones next month!) The world and it’s nature and architecture is a beautiful place, so go and explore it! I regularly go down to a woods near my house, and to a field that’s on high ground all the time. But the local park would work if you have an artistic eye! It’s all about looking at things differently.

 4. Photoshop is Your Friend.

 I know that this isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can I would highly recommend that you invest in Photoshop or something similar. For my white wall photos, they have to be taken in the doorway to the living room, and they more often than not the hallway light has to be edited out of the photos. Having a limit on the distance I can get away from my subject also means I sometimes have to photoshop myself to be smaller. Photoshop also comes in handy when I have to straighten up the crooked lines of my house. For example, for my recent cereal bath photo, I had to edit the floor to make the floorboards straight, because if I tilted the photo to make the floor straight, then the bath wouldn’t have been straight. Yes, it’s annoying, but I gotta do it!

 5. Think Outside the Box

 This is the most important thing that you can do. You have got to innovative and work with what you have. Obviously, I don’t live in your house so I can’t tell you how to be innovative! Just know that every photo you see on Instagram has some kind of set up required, however big or small. Do you have a nice coloured wall in your house but it has decorations on? Take them down to get a plain wall! Want a bed shot? Take off the duvet and do an overhead shot! If your house doesn’t work for Instagram, then you really have just got to accept it and find other location to take your photos or get really creative. Unless, you want to spend loads of money redecorating of course!

Let me know what you do to combat a house that may not be as Instagrammable as you like?

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