This is Going to Hurt Audiobook by Adam Kay Review

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The first audiobook I ever finished

This is the first audiobook I have ever finished. I tried about three years ago to get through an audiobook, but I fell asleep listening to it and swore off audiobooks altogether. That is until I started getting into Podcasts, and I thought I may as well give audiobooks another go, considering podcasts and audiobooks are very similar in certain ways.

 And now, I feel like a whole other world has been opened up. I was listening to this as I was editing, in cars and doing work and I couldn’t get enough. I was multitasking and I loved it! I think it did help that This is Going to Hurt is actually extremely interesting and funny at the same time. It was enough to keep my attention at all times. And I loved the way that Adam read his book, it somehow made everything that happened seem more real because it was coming right from his mouth, not the little reading voice in my head.

I’ve always found the life of doctors fascinating. I actually binge watch doctor’s Day in the Life vlogs on YouTube, so this was right up my alley. But you don’t need an interest in doctors to enjoy reading this book, the weird things that Adam has had to… extract from people’s bodies is enough to keep anyone entertained!

What I loved about this book is that is was very matter-of-fact and frank. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything. Everything is said exactly how it is. Oh, and he does explain medical terms you aren’t likely to know, so you do know everything that is going on.

I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Partly because I went in with the mindset that I couldn’t listen to audiobooks without zoning out. But I’ve definitely proven that to be untrue, for non-fiction cases anyway. Still not totally sold on the idea of fiction audiobooks, but I guess we will see!

Have you read this book? Would love your thoughts.

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