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The Ink Series - Alice Broadway.

Those who have been around me for a while will know how much I have loved the Ink series and the final book in the series did not disappoint. It was shorter than I imagined, sometimes felt a little rushed and ended somewhat quickly but I still loved it. It is an interesting story about acceptance and forgiveness, weaving a fairy tale magic in with a powerful story. The other books felt a bit more lingering and indulgent than this one though; while the others tended to have slower scenes and some beautiful story telling this seemed to be more action-based with forward momentum.  It was what was required for the story but I sometimes wanted the author to linger a little and I feel like some of the messaging and beauty of the first two books didn't come across as much in this. However, I did love it and I felt it was the right end for this series I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Leona and her world. Now I await a TV series - please tell me it is coming because it would be amazing. 

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