How to Cope with Writer’s Block

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We’ve all been there. Whether it’s writing a blog post, writing a novel, short story or anything in-between we’ve all sat in front of our laptops ready to write something but… nothing. For whatever reason you just can’t seem to get anything on paper or finish anything you start. It’s frustrating. It can feel like you’re useless, especially if you can’t do the one thing which you say you’re passionate about. But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Here are some of the ways which I cope with my writer’s block, and they all usually help to kick it out the door!

1.  Write about your writer’s block.

 This time, I’m writing it in the form of a blog post (killing two birds with one stone!) but I sometimes just open up Word on my computer and write about how I’m feeling. I never share it with anyone and delete it as soon as I’ve written it, but it can really help clear your mind and get all of your frustrations of your chest.

 2.  Read

When I’m feeling like I can’t write, I read instead! If I’m struggling to write a blog post, I’ll read some online. If I’m struggling with writing a novel, I’ll start to read one. I’m an honest believer in that reading and writing go hand in hand a lot of the time, and if I haven’t read in a long time, I tend to not write as well. I guess you would call this keeping the inspiration alive!

3.  Know When to Take a Break

Sometimes the best thing for you to do is take a little break from your screen. Go get a coffee, take a walk, do literally anything else. Staring at a blank screen isn’t good for your eyes or your mind. Spend some time away.

4.  Don’t force yourself to write

 Nothing good ever comes from it. It definitely won’t be your best work if you’re forcing it, and your readers will be able to tell. I know that you can feel pretty lost when you’re not writing, but you feel even worse when you’re not liking the stuff that you’re writing.

 5.  Accept that it happens.

 You’re not always going to be working at 100%. That’s completely impossible. Every single person works at different paces, so your experience isn’t going to be the same as someone elses’. The culture of always grinding with no break and no sleep doesn’t work for everyone. It certainly doesn’t work for me! The only thing you can do is accept it and wait for inspiration to strike!

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