Animals Film Review


A great tale of real female friendship

Animals is the story of two best friends who like to party A LOT. So much so that the rest of their lives are pretty much on hold. As their thirties creep up on them, reality starts to catch up with them and Laura struggles with whether to continue to party or marry and settle down with the handsome musician Jim. 

The story centers around Laura, a struggling writer who has been trying to write a book for ten years but never makes it very far.  On a night out she meets the successful musician Jim, who certainly has a more 'straight-laced’ approach to life which Tyler (her best friend and party companion) doesn’t necessarily approve of. I actually related to Laura more than I thought I would. I’m definitely not as much of a party girl as she is, but I know what it feels like to want to write but to never get anything down, I know her frustration and how lost she must feel. I know what it feels like to struggle with what you think you should do and what you actually want to do. And Tyler, oh wow, I just absolutely adored her character. I loved her take on life, how matter-of-frank and brutally honest she is. Both Holliday Grainger and Alia Shawkat were perfect actors to play these two characters.

If you’re looking for a tale of female friendship, real friendship not fluffy ‘we’re best friends and never get sick of each other because we’re so perfect’ then this is a film you need to watch. It has an emphasis on how friendships don’t need to last forever to be meaningful, that sometimes people grow apart and it isn’t always a heartbreaking thing. It shows that it’s okay to grow apart if your lives are heading in different directions, and most importantly, letting go is sometimes for the better.

I really loved this movie it is definitely character driven rather than plot driven which I love. Both of these characters are so incredibly strong that I would love to watch multiple movies about their whole lives. I bet they have some funny, if slightly questionable, stories to tell.

I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

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