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The Five Podcasts that get me through the day.

When I’m editing, I absolutely love to listen to a good podcast. Some of the time, they’re the only things that keep me sane as I stare at my laptop screen for hours on end. Here is a list of some of my absolute favourites right now that you should definitely be listening to. 

  1. My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is my absolute favourite podcast of all time. It always has me in fits of laughter and crying every single episode. It’s hosted by Jamie Morton with James Cooper, and Alice Levine. This podcast is literally what it says on the tin. Jamie’s dad wrote an amateur erotic novel (well actually quite a few of them) and Jamie reads it. Spoiler alert: it’s written very badly. 

2.  Atlanta Monster/Monster: The Zodiac Killer

Hosted by Payne Lindsey (who has one of the most soothing voices ever!),I got completely hooked on this true crime podcast. You can tell so much work has gone into making this, and I was hanging on to every word. 

3. Blogosphere: Serious Influence 

If you’re looking for a podcast on the influencer industry, this is definitely the one for you! There’s so many interesting people who guest star on this one and they all have something really valuable to say. 

4. Revisionist History 

I’m sure you have all heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. This one is just absolutely fascinating on so many levels. It deserves all of the hype that it gets. 

5. Feminists Don’t Wear Pink 

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I adore the Feminists Don’t Wear Pink book. But the podcast goes beyond that. Some guests have read out their extract from the book and its honestly made me cry a few times. It’s so raw and gives a valuable insight into what feminism means to different women.

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