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Jewellery makes me feel fully dressed.

(Ad- This post contains gifted items)

I’m very much a jewellery kind of person. In fact, if I don’t have my rings on, I feel naked. Everyday, I always have thirteen pieces of jewellery on (most of these being piercings!) I get asked about my rings a lot on Instagram, so I thought I’d just create one huge blog post of all of the jewellery I wear because why not?!


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I bloody love rings. I think they make my hands look so much nicer! I’m currently on the hunt for some more than I can wear everyday, but here are the ones that I never take off:

Pandora Leaf Ring: (no longer available) I got this ring when I was in Disney World when I was 20 and I pretty much haven’t taken it off since! It remains my favourite to this day.

Pandora Wheat Ring: (no longer available) This thumb ring used to be gold-plated, but I’ve worn it so much that the gold plating has actually worn off, but it doesn’t bother me as the rest of my jewellery is silver. 

Pandora Black Gem Ring: (no longer available) I had my eye on this ring for a while and when it went into the sale I just had to buy it! I love it so much.

Kingsley Ryan Knot Ring: (no longer avilable) Again, this ring used to be gold-plated but the plating came off in about a week. I actually think it looks better in silver anyway, and i’m actually surprised that it hasn’t broken yet considering how cheap it was when I got it a couple of years ago!

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Statement Rings: I sometimes like to wear a statement ring on my ringers to jazz them up at the bit. My current faves are these gorgeous Swan and Peacock rings gifted to me by Good After Nine


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*Daisy gifted necklaces*

I’ve been trying to find some simple silver necklaces for me to wear every day but for the life of me I could not find ‘the one’. When Daisy Jewellery reached out to collaborate I was so excited, especially after I checked out their site and found this gorgeous Isla rope necklace which I haven’t taken off since. It’s so light that I often forget that it’s there! I like to layer my necklaces up, so I will often wear it with the Mini Sunburst Shield necklace or any others that I fancy. I just love the idea of layered necklaces.


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I only got my ears pierced when I was 20, but I find that piercings are a lot like tattoos; once you’ve got one, you can’t stop! 

Starting with my lobes, my first lobes I’ll switch out to whatever I fancy wearing that day. Today, I’m wearing these gorgeous feathers that were gifted to me by Good After Nine. I’m so obsessed with these! 

On my left ear, I currently have my second and third holes done, but I’m still waiting for these to properly heal. Once, they have, I’m going to switch them out to some cute hoops! 

Now onto my right ear, I just have my first hold done. Both my conch and my helix piercing have really simple stainless steel hoops in them that I bought from amazon. My newest additions to this ear, my tragus and rook, are considerably more glamorous and have some gem jewellery in. I got both of these pierced at the same time at Astrid and Miyu. The pain was awful, but I absolutely adore how they look!

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