How we come up with Instagram themes

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Instagram themes and how we do it.

I often get asked how we come up with the Instagram themes and to be honest it’s actually quite random but I thought I’d try to explain it, as it might help some of you.

Firstly, I prefer having a monthly theme because honestly, I get so bored. It was something I did way at the beginning of my account; having pink books, yellow books, fairy tale books, scary books, etc. but when my account started to grow, for some reason I stopped. Earlier this year I decided to go back to them, this time adding the element of writing a story around a character each month.

Just so you know, we plan these themes often a year in advance. We don’t always have all the months filled in but we know what we are doing with some of them. For example, we have three themes next year that will take us months to create.

But how do I choose them and how do we decide?

Well, there are a number of ways.

1.  Sometimes I am invited to a location and it seems a perfect place to create content around, for example, during the month of September I was invited to review a book collection at The Artists Pad, so it seemed perfect to make it a bookish month.

2.  Sometimes the month just lends itself to a theme, like Beach Girl as we called her in July and of course, Dracula in October.

3.  Sometimes my mum or I get obsessed with a film, a picture or an era; this happened with all the Wes Anderson inspired pictures in May. We just decide we want to have a go and we create.

4.  Other times we ask our audience and they come up with an idea that we love, so we run with that. November and January are ideas that my followers have come up with.

5.  There are also times when there is a launch of something like a new book or a TV show with lovely imagery, so we decide to create around that – we have one coming up next year like this.  

Once we have the theme     

Once we have a theme we then get planning, which often starts on Pinterest.

Firstly we search for imagery, really to see if there is enough inspiration for us to get started. Unless we are intentionally trying to recreate an image we are often just using these as a reference point.

We then have a discussion about locations, outfits, clothing, viability, whether we think the audience will like it and quite crucially, can we create at least 16 pictures around this theme? We are also looking to see if this fits my style and the way I pose; often ideas get rejected at this point.

If we feel the theme is a good one after this then we start collecting props, clothes, book the location, etc. if necessary. We normally work a month in advance, sometimes two, depending on what it is.

We don’t always get it right; sometimes the theme just doesn’t work as well as we want but we always learn, we always challenge ourselves and we never get bored of our content.

Theming certainly comes with it downsides. There is the cost for one; it’s not cheap and also the lack of consistency on the feed can mean we don’t grow and loose followers, but balanced against constantly producing the same of similar pictures, I choose this all the time.  

If you have any questions about this please do ask.

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