8 Books to Beat the Back to School Blues

Books to get you through the first term of school.


Mud: Emily Thomas

Mud is all about change. A teenagers life is turned upside when she has to start a whole new life in another part of the country on a boat, where her dad has a new wife, she has new siblings, and of course, she is starting a new school.

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Truly Devious: Maureen Johnson

Truly Devious is one for all you crime lovers out there. Again, this is the story of starting a new school. But this is no ordinary school, this is Ellingham Academy. It’s famous private school in Vermont known for its bright thinkers, inventors, and artists. But after the school opened, the founder’s wife and daughter were kidnapped and never found and Stevie Bell, a true-crime fanatic, is starting the school.

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The Nowhere Girls: Amy Reed

This is the story of girls banding together to seek justice for girls who had been raped by the popular guys in school. It’s really a story that makes you think, and shows you what the power of supporting others can do.

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Wonder: R J Palacio


I’ve always loved this book. It shows the power of being kind to others who are different and teaches the importance of friendship. It’s the story of Auggie, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome and a Hemifacial Microsomia and how he struggles to adapt to attending a normal school for the first time. There were plenty of tears that came with reading this book (some happy ones don’t worry!) and is a super quick read.

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Vivian Verses the Apocalyse: Katie Coyle

If school is really getting you down and you fancy a little escape, give this book a read. It’s fun, easy to read and has a really interesting female character. It also makes you feel very, very lucky about the world we live and will have you questioning twice the things you do to fit in.

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Say you’ll remember me: Katie McGarry


Feel like a ‘bad boy meets good girl’ story that actually has an awesome female character in? Give this one a read.  It really is the sweetest and might take your mind off your latest crush while you fall in love with Drix and Elle. It really is a great book, not sickly sweet but just the right amount of romance and danger.

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The Colour of Bee Larkhams Murder: Sarah J Harris

Really need to escape with a good mystery with a very usual twist then try this book? Follow the main character (who has autism and synesthesia) and he tries to cover up a murder he believes he committed. It’s like no other book I have ever read and was so enjoyable. Bound to make you think about been more inclusive at school and may even make you look at some people in a new light.

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The Sky is Everywhere: Jandy Nelson

This is a book about love and grief and things falling apart and back together. It’s a captivating book that will help you forget all the annoying things that are happening at school. It’s a lovely surprising story that really gets your hooked in. And it asks some important questions about life and death and how we cope with both.

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