Book -Review - All about Mia review


All About Mia - Lisa Williamson

I just loved this book so much. The story is simple, but its real beauty comes in its depth of character and understanding of the subject.

I have never read in my life a book that so effortlessly portrayed the feelings of a confused and misunderstood teenager. You really get to feel like you know her and even though at times she is quite mean, you understand why and find yourself rooting for her.

There are a few surprises and lots of sweet moment and the depiction of family life is very humourous at times. Also, the way that this book brings to light issues with alcohol and young people is clever, not in your face, but it can really make you think. The ending creeps up on you a little slowly, seemingly taking ages to get to, however I really enjoyed the ride and would highly recommend this easy read.


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