Always Defend Your Art


When working with a Brand gets a bit tricky.

As your follower count grows, so does the number of brands and companies wanting to work with you and have their products featured on your account. I have worked with many different brands in the past few months, and I’ve loved every single one, but some are certainly easier to work to than others.

From my experience, there’s two kinds of companies that you work with: the easy ones where they say “do whatever you want” (these are often gifted products) or the ones that have a lot of different criteria (these are the ones that I get paid for). Now, most of the time I have had no problems. I send off the photo for approval and all is well. However, there have been a few times where the photo has come back and the brand say it needs changing and I'm not just talking tiny tweaks I'm talking full on concept changes.

And do you know what I say?

I say no.

The fact of the matter is, this brand approach me  for a reason. They like my photos and want their products to be featured in the style that is my own. When I have thought about a concept for a photo to show off a product, taken the time to photograph and edit the photo it becomes extremely hard to scratch it altogether and think of a new idea. And I shouldn’t have to, because no one else dictates what I put on my account but me.

You know your account better than anyone. If they ask for a light photo , when you only do dark ones, or a flatlay when you haven't done one in your life, or want the packaging front and center, when you don't work like that, say no. You should never change your style just to make someone else happy, even if it is for money. Don’t ever compromise what photos you post on your account because not only will it confuse your followers, but you won’t have any love for the photo and that will show. If you want to go a good job for the brand posting a photo you know won't do well is not a great partnership.

Do not be afraid to say no to someone. Money is immaterial. Even if it is the first time that someone is reaching out to you for sponsored content, there is no problem in saying “I’m sorry but that won’t work for my account, however I have an idea that will work…”

Most of the time, after I have said politely that I am not going to produce another photo because I really love the photo, they have approved it to be posted. And if they don’t, then so what? There will always be another time!