Around the World in Bookshops - Houston, Texas


Kaboom Books - the more cluttered the better.

As far as bookstores go, I've always believed that the more cluttered with books it is, the better. That's exactly why I fell in love with

Kaboom Books

when I first discovered it in the heart of Houston, Texas a few years ago.

The best thing about Kaboom Books is that it's not the kind of store you'd expect to find in a city as big and industrialized as Houston. The wall to wall shelves lined with used paperbacks and hardcovers from floor to ceiling make you feel like you're somewhere else entirely. The vintage seating options scattered throughout invite you to linger as you search for the perfect next read. And to make it even more charming, you can often spot one of the owners' pets wandering through the store (though I have yet to see one in person myself).

Tucked away in the Heights district of Houston (the area of our city that most resembles a quaint small town), Kaboom Books manages to be a neighborhood bookstore despite the noisy city life around it. The first time I stopped by, I witnessed the owner in a long conversation with a customer who'd just come in that day. A little research tells me this is what the owners of this place were known for back in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they used to have the shop before moving to Houston after Hurricane Katrina.


More than just a place to sell books, Kaboom Books is a place for the community to come together and get to know one another, uniting people from all walks of life with the shared love of reading. The bookstore hosts several readings and writing events throughout the year that are open to the public.

But it's also the perfect place to just stop by for a new read. I'm not sure I could ever spend anything less than an hour here, where the over 100,000 books are organized into dozens of sections such as poetry, history and art (and of course, fiction). A place as unique as this one also seems to inspire you to explore genres you may not be used to reading. Last time I was there, I walked out with a random biography of Jane Austen. (Because why not?)

If you ever find yourself in Houston, Texas but want to experience the charm of a small, southern town in the big city, Kaboom Books is the perfect place to start.

This article was written by Priscilla Aceves (


) who writes a blog about her travel and adventures couple with her love of writing.