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Book Culture is everything a bookworm would want and more in a bookshop

When people think about amazing places to visit in NYC, the first thought is usually Manhattan. Manhattan is great! There's so much to do there! But I'm a Queens borough gal. Always have been. So it's only right that I take the time to rave about one of my absolute favorite bookshops in Long Island City: Book Culture.

Ambiance: As soon as you walk through the door there's a wall of sale items begging you to take them home. The store is sectioned by genre with new and notable reads in the front. The other genres have a place among many of their tall walls. It's certainly a photogenic space - there's a large skylight coming in from the middle of the shop which feels so inviting, and there's a bunch of diverse displays to cater to a diverse audience. With the large amount of books and merchandise, you can easily get lost in here for some time.

Selection: The selection for each genre is quite large! You won't just find the latest reads here. There are older books, unknown books, and a good mix of novels for each section. And if you have kids, you'll love the entire underground floor dedicated to young ones.

Special Perk: Some genres even have themed merchandise to browse through! So if you're in the cooking section, you can find cooking tools and kitchen decor right in that area. There's also unique supplies for journals, schoolwork, skin care, home decor, gardening, etc. Can I live here?

Overall: Book Culture is everything a bookworm would want and more in a bookshop. Not only do they provide an amazing selection of reads, but they also give their customers a full experience with uniquely made merchandise to fit everyone's interests. I can go to Book Culture and pick up a book on succulents while also picking up a succulent! Perfect pairings, perfect place to shop. Book Culture is a must-see if you're visiting NYC.

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