Around the world in bookshops- USA - Colorado Springs.


I leave the store with books in hand and a head full of suggestions

Poor Richard’s has long been my favorite place in Colorado Springs. I started visiting once a week while I was an English major in college, partly for my sanity during busy semesters and party because the atmosphere is too wonderful to stay away. When I started working downtown, only a block away, I started going in early to spend a half hour in the bookstore before my shifts. And when a friend is looking for a good book, I always suggest checking there first.


One of my favorite things to do is ask one of the book wizards (I’m sure that’s not their job title, but to me the people who work there are) if they have anything in a certain genre or by an author I love. Whether the answer that day is ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ they excitedly tell me which titles just got in and suggest other authors I might like as well. I leave the store with books in hand and a head full of suggestions. And these guys must really be wizards because so far, I’ve never been disappointed by their recommended reads.

Even if I go solo and comb through the shelves myself, it’s easy to get excited about all the classical literature, new speculative fiction, and children’s books I haven’t seen since I was young. This bookstore invites you to spend time amongst the shelves, with reading nooks and comfy chairs around every corner. And on more than one occasion I’ve bumped into fellow bibliophiles who geek out about books with me. I’ve had conversations about Brandon Sanderson’s new trilogy, exchanged punny jokes about Jane Austen, and debated whether Hemingway is better than Fitzgerald.

A good bookstore welcomes you in with open arms, gives you more titles than you could read in a single visit, and offers a comfortable place to lose yourself for a few hours. And that’s exactly what Poor Richard’s does.

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