Book Review - Instructions for a second hand heart

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Instructions for a second hand heart

Tamsyn Murray

I love Tamsyn Murray; her writing is quick, witty and always a lot of fun. Tamsyn’s first book gave me the impetus to write my own and I have a lot to thank her for, including my life now as an author.  However it took me a long time to read her latest YA novel, mainly because I knew it involved illness and I am not necessary a fan of this new sick lit genre.  As expected, Tamsyn handled the topic with knowledge, understand and a dose of humour. It was clear she had done her homework on the topic and captured the feelings of a grieving home, without it being too dark.  The chapters are short, which I personally love, and the book goes from one perspective to another, giving the reader the feeling that it was two different people narrating.  What I loved about this book though is how Tamsyn takes the very emotive topic of organ donation and makes you think of it from a different perspective. Its story line was unique and sometimes challenging. This book made me laugh, gasp and cry in equal measures. The only small downside for me was that it felt like it ended too abruptly, but that could just be because I loved the two characters and felt I wanted to know a little more. Then again maybe it is good that it didn’t end all tied up in a neat bow, although I tend to like that two.

It is an easy read and a really pleasant journey into the world of two struggling teens and for me it  scored 5 out of 5 .

If you are not familiar with Tamsyn’s writing you should give it a go; she is certainly one of my favourites.

Bronte Huskinson

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