Book Review - The Nowhere Girl


The Nowhere Girls - Amy Reed


This was a book that I loved and hated at the same time. Not because there was anything wrong with the actual book, just that happened were so raw and real that I finished reading the book feeling completely frustrated.

The Nowhere Girls is about a new girl in a corrupt town who discovers that a girl was gang raped by the popular guys in school, but instead of getting justice she was run out of town. Anonymously, her and her new friends Erin and Rosina, they set up The Nowhere Girls, a safe place to talk about experiences anyone might have gone through to try and get justice. It was actually a really eye opening story and one that I think will stay with me for a while. I really found myself rallying behind The Nowhere Girls and found it increasingly frustrating that all of the higher authority in the town (including the school principle and the sheriff) were so eager to sweep the rape allegations under the rug and wanted more than anything to disband The Nowhere Girls. It made me realise that the world isn’t so black and white, that people who commit crimes do not always get the justice they deserve and sometimes you cannot rely on the people who are supposed to protect you. I often found myself internally weeping at the things the adults chose to ignore that these young girls were saying.

The story is told from three different perspectives, which was certainly a risking move but was done very well. Grace, Erin and Rosina all have such strong, independent personalities that I was never unsure of who’s chapter I was reading because they were so clearly identifiable. I also loved all of the main characters, which can sometimes be really hard to do, they were all likable in their own right. Personally, I didn’t really like that they were told in third person. To me, I would’ve liked to have them in first person and then have the ‘Us’ chapters in third, but that’s just my personal opinon.

This isn’t a book for someone looking for a ‘justice is done’ ending, it isn’t tied up in a neat little bow, but to me that was the whole point. Yes, the rapists get caught and they get sent to jail, but because they were rich, white young boys they only got given three months. I Finished reading the book wanting to throw it at all the wall (but I didn’t because the cover is so pretty!) and almost wanting to cry. And for that reason, I believe it is a book that every young girl should read, heck, I think every young guy should read this also and perhaps they could learn something.



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