Book Review -One of Us is Lying


One of Us is Lying -Karen McManus

I received this book in Book Box Club ‘Schoolroom Scandals’ box. This is a monthly subscription where every month you receive a newly released YA book with a new theme every month.

I have to admit that I kinda suck at reading books as soon as I get them, but with this book I knew I HAD to read it. At first thought, it reminded me of a crime version of The Breakfast Club (I mean, a geek, a jock, a criminal and a princess, how could it not!?) but as I read it, it turned out rather different.

The story follows the lives of four students who end up as suspects of a murder investigation after one student, Simon, the creator of the infamous App About That, dies in the middle of detention. Naturally, the book is told from all their perspectives. To start with, I only really liked Nate (the criminal) and his POV as he was the only character who I felt had any depth to him; an ex-drug dealer with a criminal record. I found all of the other characters, Brownyn (the geek), Cooper (the jock) and Addy (the princess) a bit one dimensional. But what I really loved about this book is that it made me change my mind about them all. As the story unfolds and their secrets get revealed, all of the character’s become far more interesting. McManus’s character development was impeccable, and I cannot fault her character voice. It can be really difficult to make a character’s voice really distinctive, and even more difficult to make four really different ones in one book, but it was very well done.

I was always completely engaged with the story and it had be hooked from beginning to end, but I do have to admit that in part one of this book, I was a little worried that this book was going to lose me. I felt that the initial aftermath of Simon’s death dragged on maybe a little too much for my liking. It also took me a while to actually like Addy. I completely hated her at the beginning with her ‘Jake this, Jake that’, but I think that was the point. She ended up being a pretty likeable character towards the end, and I was most impressed with her arc.

As for the ‘who dunnit’? I’m not giving anything away. You will have to find that out for yourself. I was a bit scared that the reveal was going to be completely cliché, or so far fetched that it was almost laughable (Yes, I am looking at you Pretty Little Liars). I’m so happy to say that it was neither of those. I’m also happy to say that I did not see the ending coming, depsite all the little clues that this book gave the reader.

If you’re in the mood to binge read a book, I would recommend this one because once you get to the second half, you will not be able to put the thing down.

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