Book Review - The Raven Cycle


I read this book series with the wonderful @areadersrambles – be sure to check out her Instagram!

I decided to wait until I had read the whole of The Raven Cycle to review it just in case any of my questions were later answered in a later book. I’m certainly glad I did because this series is certainly complicated to say the least, but is one of the best series I have read in a long time.

I am not much of a reader of fantasy, my comfort zone mainly resides in stand-alone contemporary romance novels because I never have much luck with book series. I really enjoyed the first book in The Maze Runner trilogy, but found The Scorch Trials unable to keep my attention. I absolutely loved the first book in the Divergent series, but found the other two really messy. The Raven Cycle was different. I hadn’t been this excited about a book series since reading the likes of The Hunger Games and the Shiver trilogy.

The put the plot of this series very VERY simply (because there is a lot else going on this series), its about the story of a girl, Blue, who has always been told if she kisses her true love, she will die and her growing friendship with a group of boys known as the Raven Boys. It’s very rare for me to like all of the characters in a book, but I completely fell in love with  all of the characters, especially Gansey and Ronan, who I felt had the most depth to them.

Considering all of these books are quite long, I found that I read the books very quickly, unable to put any of them down. My favourites would definitely have to be The Raven Boys and The Raven King, the first and last books in the trilogy. Not because I thought they were any better than The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I just remember reading these a lot faster than the books in the middle of the trilogy.

I don’t usually get on with third person that well, especially if the book is only told from one persons point of view, but this book needed it. We got to know so many different characters that it would’ve just been confusing to have them all done in first person.

The only criticism of this series I have is that I didn’t like the ending all that much. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was expecting more because I left this series a little disappointing thinking “Is that it?” Is this the same for you guys?

Maggie Stiefvater has been one of my favourite writers ever since Shiver was released and this series has only made me love her writing even more. If you haven’t already, I would really recommend you reading at least one of her series of books because her writing is nothing but phenomenal.

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