Book Review – Say you'll remember me.


Say you'll remember me - Katie McGarry

I have to admit when I read the synopsis for this book that I did groan a little as it sounded cliché. Boy from the wrong side of town falls in love with girl from the right sound of town and their parents try to keep them apart.  It seemed like it was the full-on, clichéd love story and in parts it was, but I didn’t in the least bit mind because this book was about so much more.

The writing was lovely and easy to read and the characters, as well as having the best names ever in a book, seemed real. The two main characters were distinct and were both vibrant individuals, different than first expected and I fell in love with them both, rooting for them right from the beginning. The characterisation is one of this book’s main selling points.

This truly is a coming of age novel, with both characters struggling to come to terms with who they really are versus whom people think they are and want them to be and the struggles feel real, raw and true.

Even though the love story seems to happen quickly it is beautiful and as the story goes on you realise how these two could have fell so easily for the other; they complete each other, both bringing out in the other their best characteristics and I was happily swept along with them every step.

There are a few characters that seem to add little to the narrative; I wasn’t sure why there were there and their arrival confused me a little, I think the story could have gone along just as well without them. The ending also seems to jump upon you and while you vaguely know what might happen, I personally would have preferred it littered throughout with clues rather than slap bang at the end. Never the less, I loved the story and found myself weeping at the end, which is in my book always a good sign.

a 3.5/5 for me .

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