Book Review - Spark (Ink Trilogy Book 2)


Spark- Alice Broadway

Firstly, let me say I do love Alice Broadways writing. It’s just the perfect amount of description, conversation and inner dialogue. I never drift off, get bored or start editing in my head when I read her books which, for me, is always a good sign. I sometimes even read a sentence or paragraph twice because it was just so good.

And I have to say in this book It seems like her writing has got even better, I even ran upstairs to read some to my Mum because I love the way it sounded.

This was the second book in a trilogy, the first being ink and we all know second books can be… Well, not so great (sorry Divergent series). This was not the case with this book. In fact, I might even say it was a bit better. What I love most about Alice’s writing is her world building. She manages to run it alongside the story so well and seamlessly you don’t know it is happening until you realise you have the clearest picture of this place in your head.  What I am also a fan of is that it isn’t full of action. Some dystopian fiction can be so full of rebellion, fighting and action that you end up feeling exhausted.  While there is some in this book, it's the right balance and doesn't distract from the story.

This book also gets you thinking and I love books that do that. It asks question about right and wrong, good and bad, truth and storytelling from different perspectives.  All deep and important topics.

If you love dystopian with a side of fairytale stories then I highly recommend you pick up this book, after you have read Ink of course.

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