Book Review - Suicide Club


Suicide Club - Rachel Heng

I love it when a book surprises you and this book really did.

When I first saw the title I was apprehensive to say the least, but the story sounded good and I hadn’t read any speculative fiction/dystopia for a long time, so I thought I would give it a try.  From the very off I was drawn into the story and the world the author builds. It was a world that felt very real and you could really believe it happening.  It’s a book that really makes you think about what you would be willing to do to stay young and live forever and it is a mix of terrifying and intriguing.

I was hooked on the plot, wanting to see where it went and while reading the first half I really thought that a rebellion was afoot, only to have the novel take an unexpected turn, which I personally loved.

I never really warmed to any of the characters in this book but I’m not sure you are really meant to and this could have been purposeful. I also found that I wanted to know more about The Suicide Club and I wanted a little more back story. I was left feeling that the book could have gone deeper.

However, all in all I loved it; it was innovative, different, well-written, thought-provoking and surprising. All things I love in a novel.

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