Book Review - The Memory Trees


The Memory Trees by Kali Wallace

The Memory Trees is one of those novels where externally not a lot happens but you go on an inward journey with the character.  You feel everything this character is feeling and it is an intense ride, while also being comforting.

A book steeped in the secrets of a family history, stretching back generations, mixed with a true coming of age; you feel like you are gently lulled into her world and the author’s descriptions make you feel like you are there with her.  You can smell the air, taste the apples and feel the cold.

The story is heartbreaking and heart-warming in equal measures and you gently fall in love with the story.

I sometimes found the moving from past to present confusing and the chapters too long, but I recognise that this is down to my personal preferences. This isn’t a story that ties neatly with a bow or leaves you uplifted, but it is certainly worth reading for the beautiful journey.

A 4/5 for me

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