Book Review - Truly Devious: A Mystery


Truly Devious: A Mystery - Maureen Johnson

I have never been much of a reader of crime even though the TV series are my favourite. As soon as I read the burb for Truly Devious I knew it was a book that I was going to like.

And I was hooked.

If I didn’t need sleep, I would have read the book in one sitting, it was completely addictive.

The story follows Stevie as she enrols in the Ellingham Academy, a famous private school in Vermont that is known to be the home of “one of the great unsolved crimes in American history.” And Stevie wants to solve it. But soon history begins to repeat itself as another death has occurred on campus.

One thing that this book does really well is create imagery. Johnson’s description of both the characters and Ellingham Academy itself really made me feel like I was there with these set of characters, who I all really liked. Every one of them was different and had their own really distinct voices. I could always tell which character was speaking even more Johnson wrote who it was, and I absolutely loved that!

I could tell that the plot was very well thought out and I really enjoyed the flashbacks to Albert – I am rooting for Stevie to solve the case and find out who actually killed his wife!

Even though I absolutely loved this book, there were a few things that I didn’t like too much. Firstly, I didn’t really believe the romance that Stevie had. It actually took me quite by surprise when her and her love interest started kissing. I felt like there maybe needed to be a few more romantic hints, but hey, maybe that was the one. Sometimes love can take us by surprise. Secondly, I wasn’t expecting the character who died to be the one who got killed, but I found that the person who killed him was pretty obvious, in my opinion. But who knows? Maybe in the sequel it turns out to be someone completely different! (I promise this makes sense when you read the book)

I was really struggling to find another series that I loved and could really get invested in. It has actually taken me about a year to do so! But now since I’ve read Truly Devious I can’t wait for the rest of the triology!

A 4/5 for me.

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