Bookstagram photos ideas for Fall/Autumn


Giving your book photos that cosy Autumn Feel

I love autumn. The colours, the crisp air, the excuse to get all cosy and of course Halloween. Last year I had so much fun with my account in Autumn, in particular scary book month, while I won’t be doing that this October I do have some great ideas for some spooky pictures.

Last year my account was much more Bookstagram than it is now, so I thought I take a trip down memory lane at some of my pictures last Autumn and hopefully give some some inspirations along the way.

Giving us that cosy Autumnal feel with your Bookstagram.

  1. Tea/Coffee and snacks.

So we all love the Tea and coffee shots on Bookstagram, but for autumn why don’t you step it up a bit? Take the normal shot but make it a little different. Ask yourself how you could make the picture a bit wackier. In this picture, we added more than one teacup and of course did it on a bed of books. At the time this photo did really well on my account getting a 50% engagement at the time and started the followers coming in. It was unusual enough to be different yet still quite pretty and relatable.

cosy bookstagram photos .png

2. Get a bit magical

This was of my first forays with photoshop and was really simple. A floating witch cup and a cat, I mean what could be more Halloween. This was long before I started removing the shelves in the background and editing the way I do now, but I still love this photo. So think about how could you take a pretty ordinary photo and add a sprinkle of magic to it.


3. Get a bit spooky

This was actually a video I did when I was obsessed with Luymer. In this picture we really told the story of the book but added a spooky little touch with the vintage film overlay. Everyone loves a bit of spooky at Halloween and I find you can get away with darker, and more creepy, photos around this time. So test yourself a little how could you add a touch of spook to your picture?


4. Get comfy on the bed

Out of all the photos I used to do I miss this type the most. However if I did one on my account now it just wouldn’t do well at all. But I still do love to see them. I think the beauty and simplicity of them is just beautiful and they are not as common on Instagram as they used to be. So go ahead make a cosy bed scene and take a shot from above, make us feel like we are there with you. You might need a friend to help you or some way to take overhead shots like a cardboard box tapped to the ceiling.


5. Make your book stack autumnal

Another staple picture I use to do, I have to say I don’t miss these ones a bit they took a lot of patience, but I still do love seeing them. You can make them more autumnal by thinking about colours and using book with deckled pages and older books. You can really get a great effect especially when you edit to adjust the shadows and ambiance.


6. A cosy scene

There is nothing like looking at a cosy bookish scene on Instagram, I fall in love with these photos again and again and I think autumn is the perfect time for them. Hunt around the house for objects that will make your scene pop, think autumn colours, think vintage vibes. Show us a scene that we want to dive straight into.


I hope these ideas spark something new for you and if they do and you create your own masterpiece I would love to see it just use the #fallingintobooks and I will take a look and maybe even shout you out.

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