It’s okay to be fed up with Instagram


What I do when I fall out of love with my account.

Today I want to talk about something that I don’t think we, as a community on Instagram, talk about enough. It’s something we all go through, that feeling of being fed up, uninspired, trying so hard but feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, or simply getting bored of the content you are producing.

Since September 2017, this has happened to me four times.

I can pinpoint exactly where these changes happened with my account, and if you look closely enough, you probably can too.

The first was in September 2017. I had just got back from six weeks in America and I hadn’t been happy with any of the photos that I had been posting while I was out there. I had been stuck on around 3,000 followers for a long time and I knew I had to change something. So I did. I posted a photo that was completely different( see above) to what I had been posting with a new filter, and the photo got nearly 2,000 likes, which back then was a big deal. I knew I was on the right track and I started to really love Instagram again. Everything was great.

For a while.

Then in December 2017, I got featured on Instagram and I knew the photos I had been posting were not going to cut it anymore. So I had to get more creative with my style and more original with my photos. I started having fun in Photoshop. Everything was great.

For a while.

By March 2018, I was starting to burn out. It was getting too hard to be posting every day of the week. I was tired. I didn’t like the direction by account was going in anymore and I was sick to death of Photoshop. So I started posting more simple photos that didn’t require a huge amount of editing. I started to get excited about posting again. Everything was great.

For a while.

April 2018, I started to get bored of my filter. Scratch that, I started to hate it. I was getting bored of editing on my phone and wanted to broaden my editing skills. So I bought a camera and started using Lightroom to edit all of my photos. I started to adore editing and was amazed at the difference in quality between a camera and a phone. I was loving the content I was producing and everything was great.

For a while.

Now, in September 2018, it’s happening again. I haven’t fallen out of love with Instagram completely, but I’m not excited about every single photo I post anymore. And by now, I know that when I get this feeling, something has to change. It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but something has got to give. Because If I’m not excited about my photos anymore, how can I expect my followers to be?

So, the thing is, I want to be more than the girl who takes creative photos of books. I want to be an advocate for feminism, diversity and equality. I want to be someone who talks about things that are not only hugely important to me but are important to society. I want to give back to the community, I want to help others. I want to explore my creativity. I want to be all of these things as well as someone who loves books. I guess what I’m saying is, I want to be more than just ‘bookish’ Bronte.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to stop taking photos of books, that would be silly. I just want to explore beyond the beaten path.

I didn’t write this really long blog post to let you know that my account is going to be changing a bit. I’m writing this for anyone who feels like they’re struggling with their account right now – I know some of you are, I can sense when you’re losing your mojo. I want you to know that it’s OKAY to switch up your account. It’s okay to try new things and experiment and explore parts of yourself that you haven’t shown before. No one can expect your account to stay the same forever, it grows as you grow as a person. If you feel like you’re losing your spark, find something to get your spark back. Do something different. Stand out. Because if you don’t love your account, if you’re not breathing life into it, how do you expect it to blossom?

Falling out of love with Instagram is a lot more common than you think.

But from what I’ve learnt, doing the same thing and expecting you to snap out of it isn’t going to work. So don’t be afraid.

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