Take Your Book Outdoors - Eastbourne


Reading places around Eastbourne

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week so far! I finished University for the summer last week and I’m so excited to finally have some free time to chill out and read. When I found out about Brontë's Take Your Book Outside Project I was so excited because although I am definitely a more indoorsy than an outdoorsy kind of girl, I love the different places that I have found to read in my town and I’m excited you share them with you! I’ve lived in Eastbourne, on the South Coast of England, for almost three years now and I love it here. We have the beach, the town and the South Downs all within close proximity to each other. My favourite part about Eastbourne is the beach. I love living so close to the sea and being able to go there whenever I want to, especially in the warm summer months.

So, my first favourite place to read in Eastbourne is the beach.

I love the fresh, salty sea air and the relaxing sound of the waves as they roll in. Although there are some busier parts of the beach in the summer, you can find some quiet parts too (especially if you walk towards Holywell). There is something very therapeutic about reading with the sound of waves in the background and if I’m ever feeling stressed this is my favourite place to go.


Secondly, if you don’t want to be on the beach itself, there are the Western Lawns which are directly opposite the beach. There is a great cafe there and is perfect for if you want to lie down on the grass with a book and still be near the beach.

Thirdly, if you have a car or are willing to go for a long-ish walk, there is Beachy Head and the South Downs. (ps. If you are planning on going to Beachy Head, please don’t go too close to the edge because the cliffs are not stable and can crumble very easily.) You will experience breath-taking views and scenery and if you walk further along you will get to Birling Gap which is very picturesque and has a little beach and cafe/shop.


Fourthly, if you’re looking for good cafés to read in, my personal favourites are Urban Ground (South Street) and Nelsons (Terminus Road), which are both independent coffee shops and are only a 10 minute walk from the beach.

My Favourite Summer Read 

Finally, I thought I’d share my favourite summer read with you guys! I absolutely love Nicholas Sparks’ novels and when summer comes around they are my favourite things to read. Although my favourite one changes a lot, this summer I am loving The Longest Ride. The plot follows two stories, that of Ira and Ruth and the one of Sophia and Luke who’s lives intertwine in unexpected ways. The novel revolves around art, bull-riding, war and love and will possibly make you shed a few (okay - for me it was definitely more than a few) tears. I love a good love story and this is definitely that, but it has a much deeper and more meaningful storyline than I expected and even talking about it is making me want to read it again right now. If you end up reading it or going to any of these places I’ve mentioned, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you, my instagram is @coffeexobooks.

Thank you for reading. Abbie xx