We are Content Creators not Advertisers


Is my Instagram really advertising space?

There are a few things recently that have made me question sponsored posts on Instagram and wonder what my role is in this entire sponsored post world (even though I’ve now discovered all my sponsored posts should be tagged as ad- another blog post entirely). Hearing horror stories about people not having their posts approved because this, that and the other wasn’t in the right place, people being asked to include product packing front and centre in their posts and being asked to post pictures with no other props whatsoever. I mean it seems crazy, and even I have had a few discussions with publishers when the books haven’t been large and centre. It all had me questioning what we are and what we do.

I was sat discussing this with Sarah Newton  and  Helen Redfern and we came up with a distinction that stood so true and solid for me. A good influencer is not an advertiser, they are a content creator. And at that point it struck me; we are not pages in a magazine to be sold, billboards to be filled, and advertising space to sell. We are content creators and we will create outstanding content for and with your product that shows it in its best light, but we are not advertisers and we shouldn’t be treated as such.

OK, a pause for reflection some influencers are advertising space and that’s fine; that is there choice, but those of us who try really hard with our ‘advertorial’ or ‘sponsored’ posts, those of us that want to tell a story with your product, those of us who truly want to do great job and create a post that engages people and starts a conversation, we are content creators. We create content, we do not advertise your product. We are not advertising space to be sold. We can get your product in the picture and do a really good job about it, but will your packaging be right in the front? Probably not, will the product be in the centre and large? Probably not and can we do this without any other props? Probably not, but look at our engagement to others, look at the conversations on our posts to others and you will see the difference.

I’m a content creator not advertising space.

I love this distinction and no doubt it will help me and others in the future as we sort through what jobs to say yes to and what to say no to.