Wonder Review


You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.

I completely adore this quote, and I tell myself this almost every day, even before I knew this book existed. Of course, this quote means something a lot different to Auggie than it does to me, but it made me love the book even more.

Before I go into this review, you guys NEED to watch the trailer   for the upcoming film adaptation, It made me cry just from those short two minutes, so I can only imagine what the entire film would be like.

Okay. Lets get into the review.

The story is told from multiple different perspectives (which I thought was a nice touch) but is primarily told from 10 year-old August Pullman’s. August was born with a combination of Treacher Collins Syndrome and a Hemifacial Microsomia characteristic. The story follows August’s (or ‘Auggie’) first time going to a real school in fifth grade and the struggles he faces in order to be accepted. I liked the fact that the story was also told from Olivia, Jack, Justin and as well as many others perspective because it shows the reader that its okay to be human and perhaps be put off by Auggie’s appearance at first. Plus, it also shows that everyone is capable of change. Auggie’s parts were told really well, and while I could never understand, truly, what he was going through, Palacio really did an excellent job of making me sympathise with him.

I have to admit, the story isn’t one that I would describe as gripping. What made me read this book so quickly was my love and adoration of August and witnessing him become more comfortable with who he is. It completely broke my heart when he asked his mother “why do I have to be so ugly?” (which was also the part that makes me cry in the trailer. Every. Time. I. Watch. It.)

I’m not going to sit here and say that this book made me realise that I need to treat people with facial deformities with as much kindness as I do other people, because I don’t need a book to tell me that. But this book did give me an insight into how cruel people can be to others who look different and how much of an impact that it can have on those people.

I really would recommend this book. It’s a quick and easy read that definitely pulled on my heartstrings, I can tell that it was very well thought out and planned. I really hope this film does the book justice, because it certainly deserves it.

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