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Girls Who Can Book Club

Strong girls; may we be them, know them, raise them, and read about them.

The Girls Who Can Book Club is a club that celebrates girls, women and people who identify as women as the multi-faceted people we are. We read books that cater all the way from toddlers and cover most genres you can imagine.  From the feisty girls fighting for freedom, to the autobiographies, to the quiet introverts making their own mark, we aim to be as diverse as possible in our selections and our female protagonists.

It’s easy to join, you can join us on Instagram and each month our team will make several book choices and you can read with us or just watch on the sidelines. Over the month we will share our thoughts on the books we are reading and create a great little community.

We start in March and can’t wait to see what this becomes. A gang of women and girls reading I mean, what could be better?!



Here is my current book club team!

They will each let you know what they’re reading this month and let you know how it went at the end of month (and we are well aware that sometimes life happens, so sometimes they may skip a month, not get to the end of the book, or get finish it super early.)

The team is still growing so if you think you have something to add please do get in touch!

Lauren Aston

Funny, witty with a dose of sarcasm, Lauren never fails to make me laugh and I honestly don’t know how she gets time to read but she does! Expect her choices to be as eclectic as she is and be prepared for blunt and to the point reviews.

Rida Suleri-Johnson

Rida is a brave and brilliant lady who is also the mother to two adorable girls. She speaks up about important topics such as making the world more representative for her daughters, and women of colour being more represented in mainstream media. She is perfect for picture book representations.

Elizabeth Sagan

Elizabeth is a one women fantasy book reading machine with a side of feisty feminine to boot.  I can’t wait to see what fantasy books she recommends for you all.

Sarah Newton

My mum (yes I know, I had to include her). She reads a lot and all sorts; from YA, to thrillers, to neuroscience and creativity… depending on her mood. What I love about my mum is after she reads she always manages to relate what she is reading to current society and pull out the messages.  So expect a diverse range of books that make you think.


A booktuber at heart but boy, can this girl read! She often gets through in a month what I can in a year. And the way she reviews always makes me stop in my tracks or laugh out loud.  She seems to read everything and then some so expect a bit of this and that.