I love sharing my knowledge with others.

I’m a calm, reflective type so don’t expect me to be running around the room and have everyone doing the latest dance moves! What I am is someone who believes in sharing my story to give people practical ways to move forward. I’m all about telling stories, travelling to colourful places and encouraging people to be themselves. I try to live my life as kindly as possible, so I’m cruelty-free, try to shop as ethically as I can, and champion feminism and inclusivity.

 Things I love talking about:

  • Instagram and how to find your voice and grow an engaged audience.

  • How to build a creative career while you are still at university.

  • Being an introvert in an extrovert world 

  • Visual storytelling and what it matters.

  • How we can be more kind to ourselves, others and the planet.

 Please contact me for more information.