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Hey, It’s great to meet you. There are so many ways we can work together, I’ve listed them below but please feel free to e-mail me if you need more information, or just fancy a chat.


As an Influencer to gain brand recognition, attention and sales.

As an Instagrammer, blogger and educator I work with brands and businesses to create content which is unique, innovative and gets attention.

My instagram is unique in the fact that each month is themed around a short story that I write based around a location I am visiting. All items featured that month fit in organically with the theme and vibe.  Please contact me if you require more information on my monthly themes.

With over 57k followers, a highly engaged audience and an eye for creative content I work with brands whom I know my audience will love.

I am thoughtful and selective and make sure every brand I work with matches my values, passions and beliefs.  You can see my values here Bee Good Manifesto.

Contact me for rates and more details.

As an Instagrammer to support you to grow your own account.

Growing and getting engagement on Instagram is not as easy as people make it sound. I have put lots of time and effort to get me where I am today. Consequently I know what’s current, what works and what doesn’t and I’ve created a way to support you that is something I wished someone had provided for me in the beginning.

For those you would like to really dive in deep My business partner and I release 3 places each month for Instagram strategy consulting.

Or you can become a Patron and get monthly time with me for just $35.



As a Photographer to create visual stories that sell books.

Bookish Photography was born in 2017 and was a collaboration between Bronte and two of her business managers. 

The business grew very quickly and to date we have worked on over 130 projects and taken over 1500 photos for publishers. 

We combine visual storytelling with creative content to help authors and publishers get more attention on social and ultimately sell more books. 

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