Working with me

I want to be as transparent as I can about the work I do and the potential audience you could reach. So monthly I update this page of my website with all the nitty gritty you might need to know.

I focus on Instagram and Pinterest as these are the two platforms I am on the most and I feel have the biggest potential.

You can download more Information here. This was last updated in November

Last Updated 23/01/2019

Instagram Monthly Stats

Average Monthly Impressions : 1.4 million

Average Monthly reach : 467.4k

Average Engagement rate per post : 10.86%

Average Engagement on Reach: 20.72%

Average Ad engagement rate : 8.27%

Average Story Statistics :Reach 3.2k totaly impressions 448.7k

Pinterest Monthly Stats

Average Daily Impressions: 26,673

Average Daily Users: 18,119

Average monthly viewers: 2.5 million

Average monthly engaged: 137.1k


Unique Visitors: 3,229

Monthly Visits: 3,246

Page Views: 5,861